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The Beekman Hotel Comes Out Brand new


The Beekman Hotel was closed for two years of renovation due to fraud haunting vacancy and now the hotel had opened its doors and the new look surprises the guests.

This hotel was constructed in the 1883 and it became one of the first skyscrapers in Manhattan, New York. The highlights include an open atrium in the center with a pyramidal skylight.  It also connects to a 10-story annex, which was built in 1890, according to the business insider website.

When guests arrive, they first notice that their choice of a bed and breakfast will include a close location of two of New York’s attractions: The Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center.

Now the hotel consists of updated rooms, a bar and another restaurant.  The new place to dine will have the Restauranteur and Chef, Tom Colicchio.  His cuisines are known from his signature restaurant, Fowler & Wells, according to the Beekman Hotel’s website.

This newly renovated place to stay also includes rooms for which someone to host an event.  Meetings can be held in the new boardrooms, weddings can be celebrated in the banquet rounds and the reception room, and a theater for the guest’s entertainment.

Before the renovation began, the hotel was not in exceptional condition.  The rooms were empty and the walls were decaying.  When they opened the doors, it had a new design of Martin Brudnizki.

Mr. Brudnizki’s work gave the hotel a new modern look, but some parts remain to when it was built.  One example is the reception area, where it still has it’s refined look.  The rooms, however, have a design that’s more of this time than when the hotel was created.

Next time someone wants to take a trip or stay in New York City for a while and need a place to stay, the newly designed Beekman Hotel is one option a tourist can look into.

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