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VMAS In The Big Apple


It is a night anticipated by most musical artists, as MTV rolls out the red carpet for some of music’s biggest stars. It has been a show that has brought moments that have stayed in our minds for years to come. Who can forget Lady Gaga’s meat dress? Or the infamous kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna? Or Miley Cyrus’s unsuitable and unfitting performance with Robin Thicke? All a long string of memories we have had the pleasure of watching from MTV’S Video Music Awards. This year, the show took place in our very own Big Apple at Madison Square Garden, with not many surprises in store.

The show usually offers a wide variety of celebrities and also surprises, some funny, some shocking and some just plain controversial. This year, however, it was agreed on one thing, the show was horrible and MTV is looking to be falling off its pedestal it once stood so high on. The show dragged on for a few hours and lacked the creativity MTV usually delivered. It’s ratings fell by four million viewers, from last year’s show.

Britney Spears delivered a performance that was widely anticipated since her 2007 performance which was a complete disaster. Although her performance was much better this year, it still lacked something, creativity, which is not the singer’s fault, as MTV could have delivered a more creative performance for one of the world’s most famous singers. Her performance was dubbed a “promotional performance” to the guest rapper in her song, ‘G-Eazy.

Kanye West once again was given more time on the show to speak whatever he wanted than Rihanna got for accepting an award. Although this year Kanye did not make a scene, such as the famous Beyonce and Taylor Swift incident, or announcing that he would be running for president in 2020, he still managed to get stage time that seemed unnecessary for a network suffering.

Apart from all the lack of enthusiasm in the show, Beyonce took home the most awards, winning eight, and delivered a dynamic performance. She performed several songs from her hit album ‘Lemonade’, and was praised for her show, and was said to be the headliner of the show.

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