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A New Type Of Chipotle In The Big Apple


When Chipotle come’s to mind, one thinks of the amazing burritos, the tasty bowls, or the tacos that make us all indulge in Mexican fast food at it’s finest. One also remembers all the turmoil that the company has been in, that one has also avoided the fast food chain. In New York City, one walks by one and they are usually packed. With a growing revenue, Chipotle has pretty much become America’s new Taco Bell. New Yorker’s though, are in for a treat. A new chain could soon be stealing the show as Dos Toros is the new best thing in town.

The chain was found in 2009 by brothers Leo and Oliver Kremer. They have creative a delicious menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tacos for all Mexican food lovers. As a small growing business, it is already different than Chipotle. It is self-funded, meaning no outside investors and such. Friends and family, along with a business loan have got this business taken off and on the road to a positive future and with potential to open more chains. Business Insider reports that the business earned $20 million in 2015.

The brothers have high hopes for expanding. Already the chain is having great success in it’s locations throughout the city, which include, West Village, the Upper East Side, and Williamsburg. They plan to expand as soon as possible, and not just in the Big Apple, but other cities as well.

11 locations in the whole city are making it a dream come true from the brothers, and they don’t look to stop, they say they can open five locations every year for the next five years. With a quick and easy ordering process, and affordable pricing, this small business is already giving Chipotle competition.

While Chipotle is known for just simply good taste, Dos Toros goes for something a little more in a fast food atmosphere, they go for rich and savory, rather than just get something thrown on your plate and have it taste good. They have everything naturally raised, prepare everything right on location, and say their team is the ‘secret ingredient’.

So if one is tired of Chipotle and in the mood for some Mexican fast food with good taste, maybe it’s time for something like Dos Toros. Where this small business could go to a big business in the next coming years.

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