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NYC Boutique closes after 15 Years


Reed Space, one of the landmark streetwear boutiques in New York City begins to closing down for good after 15 years of service to their fellow New Yorkers.

This shop began its journey in 2001 and it was placed in the lower east side of Manhattan.  It was known for bringing street culture to the neighborhood through art, music or fashion, according to the Vibe website.

Reed Space has done their part in assisting their customers with purchasing a new streetwear design.  It had some collaborations over their years of working, first being with NIKE SB.  Their work with the sneakers has made an impact on the process that they worked on.

The store sold items such as hats, shirts, backpacks and sneakers.  They also offer a variety of music to listen to via vinyl and a section of books and magazines.  In addition, Reed Space sold home decor such as candles, canvases and cell phone cases.

The success of the shop had led them to create three new locations for their business.  One store is settled in Queens and the other two were placed in California locations, San Fransisco and Glendale, according to the DNA INFO website.

The doors will be closing on Sept. 30, 2016 so New Yorkers will still be able to shop there for another four weeks.  However, they plan on to opening their doors again in the future with no exact date, in which case people can follow and check on the status on their website.

For those who enjoy the store and everything inside, go for it for the next month because after that, there is no telling when it will come back.

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