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Homeless Keen To WiFi Kiosks


The WiFi kiosks in New York City have taken New York by storm. With hundreds replacing payphones, it has become an instant hit. With not just WiFi but also free web, and phone calls, it’s no wonder they have been a success and brought something new to the city streets. But besides just everyday New Yorker’s using them, the kiosks have been used by other people as well, the homeless.

With New York’s poorest unable to afford a phone, tablet, or anything wired for the matter, it should not come as a surprise that a kiosk with free internet and WiFi would be used by them. The kiosks are not tracked, but the best guess is that they are avid users, since on weekdays there have been reports that they have been using them.

Homeless people have been loving the service as it is ‘free’ and they are able to communicate with the world and see things on the internet they are not able to do so, since they have no contact to what is going on. It also gives the homeless a sense of happiness, as they are able to listen to music and watch YouTube videos going viral, giving them a connection to the reality.

New Yorker’s have reported to seeing mostly homeless use the new kiosks, even though many take advantage of the charging stations and free WiFi as well. More kiosks are expected to roll out throughout the city, with 350 already installed.

While some of the homeless are using the service to reconnect with the world they once lost touch off, others are focused on getting back on their feet, by searching for jobs. Whether it be on Google, or any job website, to post their experience and even resume in order to find something that pays them.

It has been called a ‘free laptop on the street’, giving some the opportunity to smile again, while others a chance at starting over again. It has not been reported if the kiosks will steer away from attracting many homeless into the kiosks. It has high hopes to open more, and as reported already by NY Rush, get rid off all pay phones, in order to give New York City a more modern and connecting future.

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