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The Final Five In NYC


New York City is usually one of the first stop on any Olympians flight back home, as many come to the TODAY show or go on to talk show’s, or even ring the Stock Exchange bell, to celebrate their homecoming. With the Olympics ending on Sunday, athletes from the United State have received a standing ovation back home, as we are sure all athletes around the world received their athletes with great pride. For New York City, many athletes flocked to its streets on Tuesday to a great welcome.

For five gymnasts, the road to a gold medal was not easy. Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian, and Simone Biles won the Team All Around gold medal in gymnastics, and became headline news all over the world with their dramatic and remarkable performances at the games. It was not just their performances, but their personal life stories that also grabbed headlines, as everyone wanted to know everything about these five athletes.

Now back on home soil, they have a new challenge ahead of them. The Kellogg’s tour, which will start on September 15th in Spokane, Washington, and end in Boston, Massachusetts on November 13th. They will visit 36 cities and the tour will showcase not just these five talented girls, but also showcase gymnasts from 2012 to 2016.

Before the tour, the girls stopped in New York City, which took the city by storm as they were on the TODAY show, and even got to meet the brand new TODAY show puppy, and also got to visit the Empire State Building, culminating a whirlwind tour ahead of them.

The girls have one goal in the city, and it’s to find the best pizza. With intense training on a break these gymnasts are looking forward to a much-needed break, and relaxation time with their loved ones before embarking on the tour. Before their New York City visit comes to an end, the girls will visit Jimmy Fallon as they will be featured on the Tonight Show. Always good to end a visit with a laugh with New York’s most comical guy in town.

They took the world by storm, but now New York City took them by store, as the last team of five embarked on yet another unforgettable journey, in an unforgettable city. Hernandez called it all ‘surreal’ and could not believe the amount of attention received since landing home. They called themselves ‘The Final Five’, as in 2020, there will only be teams of four from each country. They made history, and New York City is happy to have received these incredible women who made history in not just gymnastics, but in the world of sports, and for the country.

From NY Rush we congratulate the Final Five on their gold medal.

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