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NYC Cab Drivers Don’t Need English


When someone gets into a cab in order to get to their destination, their drivers are often inattentive and have to speak English for the passengers.  But now the cab drivers will no longer be required to speak English.

New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio signed this new law last April and now he made the decision to terminate the English proficiency exam for applicants who desire a position as a taxi driver. Now these drivers can communicate with their fellow New Yorkers in any language that they want to speak.

Most of the New York City taxi drivers are born outside of the United States and before this law was passed, they had to take the proficiency exam if they wanted to work in the cabs. The New York City Council described the exam as “a significant barrier to entry to driving a taxi” in a statement announcing the bill, according to the Reuters website.

Usually when a person is getting a ride is a cab, they often don’t understand what the driver is saying and they only use the English words that they know.

Mayor de Blasio had also been working with the Taxi and Limousine Commission in order to offer educational services.  This way the cab operators will have an English dictionary with them and they can communicate with their passengers.

Next time that someone wants to take a cab for transportation, be prepared to meet a driver who knows limited English and can translate only so much.

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