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Uber offers benefits to NYC drivers


Uber and Lyft are two transportation network companies, who are in competing with each other in order to provide the drivers of New York City material for their vehicles.  Now Uber is now offering these drivers full employee statuses with benefits.

Uber is now offering employee statuses, which includes paid vacations and sick days.  This option was given due to the policy to set their own hours of work.  Other companies have different ways of approaching their goal like the new organization called Juno.

CEO of Juno, Talmon Marco, 43, started his new company with the goal of helping drivers certain issues.  Some of which include situations in paid time off or destination problems.

Marco started his journey with a start of a new messaging app called, Viper, which he sold in Asia for approximately $900 million.  He then started to share his economy with the rest of his community, according to the NPR website.

He decided to focus a career in cars because he viewed that some drivers seem unhappy.  This led to him to start focus groups and get interested in cars themselves.  Now he tries to prove to his rival companies and the people around him that hard work will pay off and it is the key to success.

The new company now operates in New York and no further.  However, the amount of drivers for the organization has nearly 13,000, according to the NPR website.

With the new competition heating up for these motor vehicle companies, only time will determine whether the new benefits and employee status will succeed or fail.

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