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Tracking At Bryant Park


With Bryant Park becoming more and more of a New Yorker’s lunch time destination, and a rest stop for tourists, it’s no shock to park authorities that Bryant Park has become one of the most popular parks in New York City. Although the park has had plenty of visitors, the park wants even more visitors. But how does one attract more visitors, they track behavior, that’s how.

A private Bryant Park Corporation, yes it exists, has teamed up with a analytics firm to help them tracks visitors phones in order to see where they are going and what they are buying. Seem somewhat a little weird? Yes, we’d think so too, but it’s all just to get a scope of who is visiting the park.

Size is one thing they are checking for, as it matters to them to see how many people are visiting the park each and every day. PlaceIQ, the company teaming up with Bryant Park, has estimated foot traffic, and planning future park events, such as concerts or movies in the park. A statistic has already been concluded by PlaceIQ’s Bryant Park infographic which states that only 19 percent of the people visiting Bryant Park are New Yorker’s living in Manhattan whereas the average visitor would also visit Times Square, and the Empire State building. So yes, more Tourist’s visit Bryant Park than everyday New Yorker’s.

Feeling a little creeped out? Don’t. PlaceIQ is only gathering your information because chances are you allowed them too. Don’t think so? If one has their settings to letting the phone know your location, you have already given PlaceIQ to use your location. It isn’t specified, meaning they are not going to pick you and only you to track. Usually when one downloads apps that need your location in order to function, it sends a clear picture of what you were doing and how long you were at Bryant Park for. So nevertheless your private information, such as pictures, calls, etc. is private. Where you visited, not so much, as it gives Bryant Park a clear view as to where it’s visitors were in the city in order to make the park even better.

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