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New York City’s Most Expensive Neighborhood


Reading about pricey apartments and rents in New York City is like reading about how the Empire State building attracts millions of tourists each year. We all know that, and it’s nothing new. So when hearing about the costly apartments in New York City, it comes to no shock that we are an expensive city, and Summer 2016 proved once again that we are one of the most expensive cities in the country coming in at number two, right behind San Francisco.

Zumper, a small company that helps one find a reasonable apartment in cities all across the United States and Canada, has created new stats on how much it really is to live in different neighborhoods throughout New York City. Unfortunately even one bedroom apartments have gone up this summer, with July being a very expensive month for most New Yorkers.

It has been concluded, thanks to Zumper, that Washington Heights is your cheapest place to rent a one bedroom apartment, coming in at only $1,850 for a monthly rent and with several parts of the Bronx also coming in at a decent price. Let’s go more south to Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, and SoHo, you’ll find yourself with jaw-dropping prices. Zumper concluded that for a one bedroom apartment in Tribeca, one would be paying a whopping $4,500 a month. Yes, you read that correctly. Hey for some it’s not much, but for your average New Yorker, yeah it’s one expensive Summer. The second most affordable neighborhood to live in, behind Washington Height’s, is Central Harlem and Astoria, with rent being $2,040-$2,090 a month.

Brooklyn is becoming more and more popular every day. It has an increasing population, and rent here is only going up. With DUMBO being Brooklyn’s most expensive neighborhood, as the median rent is $3,899, more and more areas are becoming just as expensive. Vinegar Hill which is right next to DUMBO came in at $3,650. If one is looking for cheaper in Brooklyn though, they ought to look at Brownsville or East Flatbush were the median rent is $1,420 to $1,500.

So, think New York City is expensive? Oh, it is, but look on the bright side of things, we’re not number one, as San Francisco pays a $3,460 monthly rent, and that’s just a median of the cost.

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