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The Longest Skyscraper In The World


When you think about New York City, automatically one thinks of the ‘tall buildings’. The art deco to the modern architecture is a clear example of what makes this city distinguished and unique. With more new buildings underway, all with a unique and modern twist, it’s no surprise that the city is aiming to have one of the most unique buildings in the world. A U-shaped building transforming the heart of New York City into a gateway of modern and futuristic architecture.

It will not be the tallest building in the world, but rather the longest in the world. An architecture firm has all the hopes to build this creation in New York City. Due to the lack of real estate in the city, the firm decided to draw something up. A curved skyscraper that would be in a total length of 4,000 feet. That’s longer than the current tallest standing building in the world, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

It’s planned to be located on the Billionaire’s Road in New York City and originated from the masterminds of Oiio studios, a Greek architect company located in Athens and New York City. The only problem is the problem of all of New York City. Space. With almost no space to practically build anything, and it becoming more scarce, the architect focused on a different approach. The website states that their idea is to bend their structure rather than expand it and take more space on a block and create “one of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan”.

The building would not surpass the Burj Khalifa, but it would be close in height to the Shanghai Tower, which is the second tallest in the world, in Shanghai China. The designer of the building, Ioannis Oikonomou, learned that a company created an elevator that not only goes up and down but also horizontally and that gave him the idea to go on with this vision for the big apple.

As exciting as the concept is, it’s only an idea right now, and not actually planned. Although visuals have been set up and it seems as if it could be a possibility, it is only the first steps. Oikonomou has sent the plans to some companies and hopefully get some investors in the building in order to go forward.

Curious to see what the building will look like? Check out the companies proposed project and pictures on the link below!


Featured Image via Wikimedia

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