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Crown Heights Homeless Shelter On Hold


With the unfortunate number of homeless growing in New York City it’s no surprise the Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking action on the matter. Back in early March, de Blasio wanted to open 90 shelters throughout the five New York City boroughs. Many residents have complained about the increase and demanded that shelters are put into place, but it has also been complained on how these shelters will be built and on whose budget.

A new shelter was to be opened in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was going to house men over the age of 61, but a temporary halt has caused it not to do so. Judge, Paul Wooten has issued a restraining order that will temporarily prevent New York City from allowing anyone move into the shelter just yet. It also goes for the Department of Homeless Services and CORE Services Group. The shelter is located at 1173 Bergen Street.

Wooten stated in Brooklyn Supreme Court that a few days “was not going to hurt the city’s efforts in getting the shelter ready for opening.” A hearing is set for Tuesday as Judge Katherine Levine will hear both sides. A ruling on the side of the residents would be a significant curb to de Blasio’s homeless plan.

The Bergen Street shelter is one of three in a one-mile radius, the closest being a women’s shelter for those with special needs that is situated at 174 Prospect Place. The shelter is one of the 90 planned in de Blasio’s plan. All of which should be completed in the next five years.

Many complaints by 28 Crown Heights residents have been put out that there are already one too many shelters in the areas of Prospect Place and Crown Heights. They are also complaining that city and state reviews have not been completed.

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