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Refugee kids get help from the NYC program


As summer ends and the new year of school starts, kids are getting ready to hit the books once again, but not all are prepared for what’s coming their way.

The Refugee Youth Summer Academy or RYSA gives children the opportunity to prepare them for the academic year.  The academy is a six-week program for kids and families who have been offered asylum in the U.S. and it helps them adjust to the New York City life, according to PBS News Hour.

The students in the program get to experience a typical American school day learning all of the basic subjects, which includes math and English.  Children also get to learn more about the creative ways of learning, such as art, music and dancing.

Members of the program feel that having a group of kids with contrasting backgrounds can relate more and be reminded that their on this journey together.  “It provides them with a community of like-minded students right?,” RYSA’s Director Kira O’ Brien said in PBS.  “They are not alone in this.”

Children from approximately 29 different countries have joined this program and all have aided them in the adjustment of American learning.  Most people who came into America, they have trouble with learning about their history, culture and use of language.  RYSA helps with the kids quest for knowledge and making new relationships.

The program also gave the children a chance to make friends with other students.  Transitioning from one country to another makes the matter of finding friends difficult.  However, with the classes and training the new students can learn about how to speak their language.

If someone is new to America and needs a proper education for their children, sign them up for the NYSA program for their social and educational needs.

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