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London’s Wear Comes to New York


Men need their ties for going to their jobs, getting ready for interviews and dressing up for a party.  Now they have a new selection of Drake’s ties all the way from London.

This brand is known for its ties and pocket squares from the founder, Michael Drake in 1977.  He started by having a collection of scarves and then he began having his own line of ties, which got him on the path to stardom.

Since his fashion fame began to grow, Drake started to open his Tie Factory store in three locations around England, including London and Somerset.  All of this led to numerous awards such as the Queen’s Award for Export.

They opened a temporary store in New York City at 120 Princeton Street, where the Thursday sandwich used to be.  This new addition to the New York neighborhood will be held for approximately six months, according to the GQ website.

Now when New Yorkers are walking down this street, they won’t find sandwiches, chips or sodas. Instead, they will see antique tables with ties and sweaters on the walls.  People can now go into this new temporary store for all of their neckwear needs.

Men are often buying sports gear and sweats rather than suits and ties.  Employees of Drake’s believe that having this store in a trendy part of a downtown neighborhood will bring success to them and more men will want to purchase their designs.

For those who desire a tie, a suit or new look from London, Drake’s will have all of that and more.

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