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Free Books for the Subway Ride


The people of New York City have several different ways of keeping themselves occupied when they commute especially through the subway.  Now to pass the time, people can have access to free books.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo spoke of the new promotion called “Subway Reads.”  The New York Subway now has Wi-Fi connection in numerous stations around the city and now they can enjoy e-books from authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and F.Scott Fitzgerald, according to the New York City Patch website.

Three of the Subway companies have launched an eight-week program that allows their customers read free e-shorts for their phones.  Now the commuters can have something to read on their way to their destinations.  Also, people can have another way to access some literature that they haven’t read or heard of yet.

Penguin Random House publications offers people approximately 175 full-length books for the New Yorkers to read on the train.  Their selections are included by poets like Walt Whitman and Billy Collins, according to the New York City Patch website.

Most people who take the subway usually check their phones and try to hang on when there are no seats available.  Plus, in some stations, New Yorkers can’t get service on their phones when they’re traveling below the streets.  Now they can go on their phones and read some fine literature to make the time go faster.

By the end of the year, Cuomo plans on to have all of the subway stations in New York have access to Wi-Fi so people won’t have the issue of getting little service on the train.

Next, when someone is traveling to work and decides to take the subway, they can now catch an e-book to keep themselves fascinated and entertained on the ride.

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