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Kayaking Gone Wrong


Kayaking in the Hudson river alongside New York City is always a fun way to indulge in the Summer breeze and also take in a view of the skyline while having a bit of a workout. In fact, any water sport in the Hudson can be fun if one knows what they are doing. Sometimes, though, the unexpected happens and one just has to take extra caution. For ten kayakers that was the case when a ferry crashed into them on the Hudson.

Thankfully the incident did not escalate to something worse, although one man suffered severe partial damage to his arm. Five, including the man, were injured in the crash.  The ferry took off from Pier 79 on 39th street and around 6 P.M. hit the kayakers. NYPD pulled the ten people out of the water along with their kayaks.

Manhattan Kayak company was in charge of the people riding the kayaks on the Hudson. It has its excursions which provides kayaking, paddleboards, classes and private lessons. The company confirmed that the man who was injured was an employee of theirs, and is a veteran who learned to kayak on the waters along New York City. They issued a statement saying “we are extremely relieved to hear that he is in good spirits.”

Aboard the ferry, there were 451 people on board. All were accounted for. The NYPD are investigating what caused the crash, looking into who had the right away in the water and if the sun or weather played a factor as well. It is not determined where the ferry was headed off to, and the ferry skipper is still being reached for comment. The captain of the ferry was required to take a drug and alcohol test in which he blew a 0.00.

The Hudson river can be used for recreational and commercial vessels.

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