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People and Pets Sharing a Cemetery?


When a family has a pet and the animal’s time has come, the owners find it difficult to part ways with their beloved dogs or cats. Now the people in the state of New York are considering to be buried with their furry family members.

According to NY Daily News, in 2013 New York had passed a bill that gave the residents the right to have their pets buried with them when they die.

People now have the opportunity to have their graves next to their pets graves due to the bill that has been passed in New York.

Over half of New York’s population own a dog or cat at their homes and some people have them either buried in their backyard or have their ashes under a winsome memorial in front of their homes.

Pet owners are relatively close to their furry friends and they try to give them a grand send-off. “A pet relationship, some believe, including me is a different relationship,” said Ed Martin to the NY Daily News in 2013.

Very few states have allowed people to share the cemetery with their dogs or cats. In other states, people request to have their pets buried in their town’s pet cemetery.

In other countries, such as the UK, people could not make this decision because of the government refusing it.

The law forbids to have the animals ashes buried with their owners because of the increased ash inside of the casket. This is due to the fact that the pet’s ashes do not decrease and if both of the ashes were placed in one coffin, there would be no room for both, according to the dignity pet crematorium website.

Whether in a cemetery, a memorial in their yard or trying to get them buried together, people will find a way to give their pets a memorable send-off.

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