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Louis Tomlinson Talks About ‘Larry’

Louis & Harry

In an interview Louis Tomlinson talked about the famous ‘Larry rumors’’. Louis revealed sadly that the rumors completely changed his equation with Harry.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles first met on X-Factor. Later on they became a part of One Direction. However, the moment this friendship began it was riddled with “Larry Stylinson” rumours.

In 2017, Tomlinson spoke about the rumours. He spoke about his friendship with Harry Styles. Nevertheless, the fans did not stop shipping them together.

Louis Tomlinson finally reveals what he thinks about #Larry

Almost ten years ago, the British Irish band One Direction was formed on the singing reality show, X-Factor.

From then onwards, many One Direction fans a.k.a. Directioners have believed that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been dating. These fans even combined their names and came up with the ship name, Larry Stylinson.

The fans began scrutinizing Harry and Louis’ friendship – and they have never stopped doing so.

Louis said that when the Larry fan theory surfaced for the first time, he was dating his now-girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Mr Tomlinson explained that these rumours felt quite disrespectful to Eleanor. He said that he is protective of the people he is close to. Hence, he was not happy about them.

Furthermore, in the interview, Tomlinson revealed how these rumours also affected his friendship with Harry Styles. He said that it created an atmosphere where the two were being observed under a microscope and their every move was taken as a sign of the same. It took away the “vibe” they previously felt with each other. Louis added that the rumours made them “unapproachable” about anything.

One Direction announced their hiatus in August of 2015 and since then the band is yet to mark its comeback. Moreover, all the members have embarked on their solo careers. Talking about the members’ personal lives, Harry Styles is rumored to be dating actor and director Olivia Wilde. While Louis Tomlison is dating Eleanor Calder.

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