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Louis Tomlinson Speaks About Zayn Not Touring His Albums

Louis & Zayn

Zayn Malik decided not to tour his solo music after quitting One Direction in 2015. His first solo album, ‘Mind of Mine’ was a massive success. The record was first in the US and UK album charts. In addition to that, his two singles: ‘Like I Would’ and ‘Pillowtalk’ received immense amounts of love.

Later on, Zayn Malik released two more albums; ‘Icarus Falls’ and ‘Nobody Is Listening’. However, Zayn has not toured any of his music.

Louis Tomlison spoke about touring his music in a podcast with Zach Sang:

“I am an artist, but in my own head… until I get up… that’s why I write the songs, do you know what I mean? You can get… of course you can gauge a reaction through social media and stuff like that but you can’t see it and you can’t feel it,” he said.

Moreover he also said:

 “So when I am at that first tour show – amongst every show – to see what lyrics mean things to people and hear people sing the words back. That is why I’ve grafted my a** off for the last three years, for that very moment. So, in my head, that is when I have started [as an artist].”

Louis Speaks About Zayn Malik

Louis was cheeky as he did not mention Zayn Malik by name. However, he brought up the question after he spoke about the well-documented rift between Zayn and Louis after 1D split.

Zach Sang asked: “There are some people who don’t perform, but they still craft records. Do you see them as an artist?”

Louis responded: “When I say what success means, it is what it means to me individually, I think. Everyone else has their own goals and explanation of the word. Some artists are different. Everyone’s journey is different, I suppose.”

Tomlinson About One Direction and Niall Horan

Louis spoke to AOL recently about his journey in the band.

“The experience that we went through was unique. The only people who can relate to that is each of us. I think we’ll always have that love and respect for each other.”

Furthermore,Louis added that if he could be any other member of the band he would “definitely” be Niall.

“It sounds so stress-free. I once seen some fans talking online saying: ‘It’s easy to be a Niall fan, innit?’ It is! No drama, lovely lad. Never gets himself in trouble. Yeah, it’s easy, it’s a good life,” he said.

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