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Back to School: BAGS


The first day of school only comes once a year, and although it can be extremely nerve-wracking, everyone is ready to flaunt their new accessories and tan lines. Going back to school, if you’re a senior in high school or in college, your backpack basically defines you. Girls more than guys, but everyone needs something to carry their books. Why not make it à la mode? (translation: in fashion, not served with ice-cream)

Guys are little more simple, backpacks are just backpacks right? The basic original Jansport or North Face backpacks have been around for years, and kids are still rocking them at school, especially North Face, as the quality of the bag is sturdy and it comes with a million zippers, making it a little more fashionable and convenient. Similar durable backpacks include High Sierra and Under Armour. For guys who care more about fashion might carry a vintage canvas backpack or a classic bag made by Herschel or Vineyard Vines. Another alternative, but less sturdy, would be a classic messenger bag by Ted Baker, Frye, or any similar brands.

Unlike a guy, many girls like multiple bags not just for going out but for school as well. Some women choose to invest thousands of dollars on a nice branded handbag bag to show off at school. Typically, if a girl carries a handbag to school, she doesn’t have many books in there, and definitely not a textbook. You don’t want to break that thousand dollar bag, now, do you? A classic handbag for girls to bring to school would be a classic tote by Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Tory Burch, and much more. Observing students in New York, the most spotted tote for school would probably be Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Longchamp, as all three bags are durable enough to hold a couple notebooks and a laptop, while throwing in some makeup on the side. Since the “sophisticated” look has been the new “it” recently (with fifteen-year-old girls looking like they’re twenty-five), more simple and boxed strapped totes are being flaunted by young teens at school, like Prada.

However, if you don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on a bag that can’t carry all your books for school, backpacks are also a fashionable alternative for school. Similar to backpacks for guys, as most backpacks are unisex, a popular choice for ladies would be a Herschel or Fjallraven Kanken canvas  backpack, or a classic Jansport. If you’re a little more of the skater type (for guys and girls), a Vans “Old Skool” backpack is very common amongst students as there are various designs to choose from and is fashionably accepted.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping back to school, but make sure to get a backpack that can last you the entire school year without breaking. However, it can’t just be durable and useful, it also needs to be fashionable and in-style.

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