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New York Coronavirus Update: Do Not Require Quarantine Says Trump

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Three states of the US have been lockdown for the serious effect of coronavirus. Trump in New York...
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Pope and Trump Meet at the Vatican

Fine Living, Lifestyle, Travel • 3 Comments

Pope Francis welcomed Trump to the home of Roman Catholicism this Wednesday as he conveyed a characteristically diplomatic message despite...
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Trump’s Visit To NYC

City Guide, Fast Money, First Looks, Hustle & Bustle, New York Neighborhood, The New Yorker, Transportation

Almost four months after becoming the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump will be paying a visit to New York City, and...
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Tension in French Presidential Election: People Urged to Reject Le Pen in Runoff

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France’s beaten political system has started to advocate against the progression of far-right...
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Bloomberg To Endorse Clinton

Profiles, The New Yorker

With the upcoming elections coming up, it is no surprise that this will be one for the books. With likely democratic candidate Hilary...
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