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Shorty Tang opens two new places to dine


New York City chef, “Shorty Tang” was known for his Chinese cooking in 1973 and now his legacy is carried on by having his son and grandson open two new restaurants.

His restaurant, Hwa Yuan, had sold a sizable amount of noodles a day.  Tang’s recipe for sesame noodles has made it hard to get in other restaurants in the city, according to the grub street website.

The original recipe for this iconic dish consists of sesame paste, peanut butter, chili oil, sugar and vinegar.

Although the original recipe for the sesame noodles went missing years ago, one of Tang’s children, Chen Lieh Tang, hopes to recreate the dish and keep their customers coming.  He uses different ingredients in order to make his own noodles such as cabbage and collagen-rich chicken soup.

Shorty began his cooking journey at the age of 12 when he had an apprenticeship in Sichuan.  He taught Chen Lieh several of his recipes including, classic shrimp with white sauce, ultralight pork meatballs and greaseless scallion pancakes.  Shorty then died at the age of 50 in 1976, according to the grub street website.

In 1982, Chen Lieh moved Hwa Yuan to midtown, where it received a full-page review by Gourmet magazine.  The second restaurant to open will be placed in the Bank of China on East Broadway and the interior will have new features like three floors, private rooms and an opulent.

Shorty Tang’s noodles will be open this fall and anyone who wishes to try the sesame noodles can come and see if the legacy is truly carried.

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