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NYC was low on Crime This Summer


People in New York City had numerous activities to do this summer and the results ended smoothly due to the low risk of crime and danger.

The usual danger in the city involves car theft, robberies and shootings.  Last summer the people of New York had to deal with these crimes that were being committed.  However, the crime went down to approximately 3.5 percent, according to the New York Post.

Although the number has dropped with crimes, there were still arrests and homicides occurring around the neighborhood.  One example was during Labor Day weekend at the pre-West Indian day Parade festival.  A total of seven murders happened during the event.

A wide variety of criminal activity has been occurring in the area such as rape, robbery, grand larceny and felony assault.  All of which happen often in certain places like New York City.

The main issue that people suffer from around the country is gun violence.  Major cities and towns around the United States have gone through these tragedies like the attacks at the club in Orlando.  It had caused trouble for the New Yorkers in the past.

Hundreds of people were in peril when the shootings were happening in New York.  841 people have been shot in the city so far.  Recently, the number of shootings came to 700 compared to the 799 shootings last summer, according to the New York Post.

Despite the amount of crime decreasing this summer, New Yorkers should still be careful about their surroundings and be made sure about the people they meet or run in to.

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