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Pharmacy Goes Digital


Drug stores get lined up for prescriptions getting picked up, both in person and the drive thru. The long waits have been reduced due to the new app: Capsule.

Capsule is a new digital pharmacy app that was created last month for New York City. This new digital app allows people to get into contact with their pharmacists in order to ask any questions about their medication.

The employees of the app can also communicate with the user’s doctors and manage new arrangements with them and their insurance providers.

Another feature is that a person can manage their prescriptions from their doctors and have them delivered to their front doors with a simple message and delivery for free, according to AM New York.

The co-founders of the new application are Pharmacist Sonia Patel and Investor Eric Kinariwala. Both of these individuals have created Capsule mainly to help improve the situation with the pharmacy industry.

Patel had this to say:

“It seemed like a natural fit to start in New York City. That, along with the density of the population – the fact that there is a pharmacy on every street corner, it seemed like the perfect place to solve this problem.”

Capsule can also be used to order prescriptions for other family members and/or friends.  This feature is beneficial for those who aren’t up to date on phone technology.

With the new app, New Yorkers can avoid the mistake of getting the wrong medication that they need.  This will allow the people of New York to make sure that they have their medicine.  It also informs them about when and how much they should take and lets them know when it can be refilled.

The new pharmacy app will have people ordering their prescriptions from the comfort of their homes instead of impatiently waiting in line at their local drug stores.

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