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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017: PONYO PORCO Embraces the Uniqueness


On September 11th at the ArtBeam, Chinese duo PONYO PORCO kicked off the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 CAAFD showcase off with a BANG BANG BANG. Sponsored by CAAFD in collaboration with iFashion Network as part of the I’Mpossible Challenge, PONYO PORCO set out to turn heads, and they absolutely hit that mark. Nowhere else can you find the amount of creativity and just plain weirdness, in a good way.

The Chinese duo, comprised of Lupa and Larry, divided the collection into five distinct categories: POOL, MERMAIDLAND, CHAOS IN PURITY, WITCH & CROWS and DARKCROWS. If those all sound like acts in a fantasy fairytale to you, you are not far off the mark. Saying this collection was imaginative would be a disservice to the creative minds at work here.

The pieces in this collection were made up of very earthy tones, accentuated by straightforward cuts that gave the works an air of uniqueness that is very hard to find in the North American fashion industry.

Overall, there could not have been a better start to the CAAFD showcase, PONYO PORCO really set the mood as well as set the bar. Make sure to check back for the next designers as part of this showcase. February’s Fashion week seems to have even more in store.

Images via Jay Shaw

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