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Luxury Buildings May Not Be So Luxurious


When a New Yorker is asked if they would live in a high rise luxurious building in the great Big Apple, a typical response would be they can’t afford it, as New York City has some of the most expensive apartments to date. One would never expect bad buildings or poor construction to even connect with a luxury apartment, especially if it’s new. Well, think again. A brand new Midtown luxury building is indeed falling apart, and people are not happy about it.

The Alexander, a new building on 250 East and 49th street, is on the verge of a lawsuit after the luxury building has complaints of poor maintenance. The developer, Alexander Gurevich is being sued for $67 million. Not a stranger to controversy, The Alexander has not been off to a good start. In 2010, the developer was banned from selling any apartments for three years, as he failed to release information about the finances and it’s investors.

The lawsuit describes that the poorly constructed apartments had cracks and leaks on the roofs, balconies, and terraces, causing flooding in some of the condos. Not something you would typically find in a luxury living complex. The lawsuit also states that promised amenities were not put in place, such as a gym, mail room, and a storage room for perishable deliveries.

Partners of Gurevich failed to pay the complex’s water and sewage system, meaning its tenants had to pay the portion of the $442,000 bill, adding on to reasons for a lawsuit.

It is not just the luxurious amenities that were not promised, it is also a danger to the residents as the 24 story building did not comply with the adequate building codes. The suit went to the Manhattan Supreme Court.

After a failed reputation in image, the Alexanders image will only deteriorate as a luxury complex with this lawsuit on its hands.

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