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Katy Hill Scarred For Life

Katy Hill

Katy Hill, the former Blue Peter presenter, has been scarred amid an incident in her own home.

Ms Hill, has shared pictures on social media recently. Katy’s awful scar on her forehead resulted after she had cracked her head open in an accident. The accident happened in her bathroom.

According to Katy, she had tripped and head-butted the toilet. This caused a two inch split at the center of her forehead. Ouch!

Moreover, Ms. Hill explained that her shoe had caught up on the stair. This had left her with a horrible cut. The cut required several stitches both outside and inside. The scar might stay on her forehead for a lifetime.

Ms Hill was admitting how terrified she was. As she waited for the ambulance at her Oxfordshire home she thought this was the end. Moreover, she said the incident is a reminder to “live all out in life”. The incident that occurred 18 months ago still sounds unbelievable to her.

Katy hill is in deed brave. On her Instagram account, she bravely revealed the damage to her followers.

In addition to that, Katy spoke to The Sun about the incident.

“It was a bad one and I was very grateful that the impact went down the centre of my forehead,” she said.

Katy who is now 49 years old was saying that it was a lucky escape. Her doctor told her that if the damage had occured on either side of where the cut is now, it would have been more damaging. This is because the skull is thing in those parts.

Ms Katy Hill is famously known for being a daredevil. This is because the star had been the first civilian to fly with the Red Arrows.

Katy also presented Blue Peter for six years since 1995.

It is shocking that Katy Hill has injured herself this way. Especially after taking into consideration all the stunts she did for the show. Katy Hill is also in shock that this incident injured her this badly.

Katy Hill was saying that the incident was a wake up call. She continued by stating that none of us know how long we have got and so it is not good enough to live a 50 percent life.

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