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Demi Lovato’s Trauma Experience


Pop icon Demi Lovato released a documentary on YouTube recently. She spoke about her addictions and how it affected her life. Demi says that she is ‘unshakable’ as she is over the trauma. Her confession on YouTube has given her strength.

Dancing with the devils

Demi Lovato’s documentary is called “Dancing with the devils“. She weighed in on her struggles with drug addiction. Demi’s addiction had been captured honestly and beautifully in the series.

She admitted that she was sexually abused by her heroine drug dealer. She said she was ‘left for the dead’.

In addition to that, she also spoke about it on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“I had, like, a physical reaction the first time that I watched it, like an anxiety attack. But it’s been good and a part of telling my story is taking ownership and just owning my truth,” she said.

“No matter what people say when they watch it, it doesn’t matter… I’m standing in such truth that nothing that anyone can say can shake me.” Demi Lovato said.

Furthermore, Demi Lovato revealed other addictions in the series. They included crack cocaine, meth, and heroin. The addictions led to brain damage.

Demi Lovato faced tough consequences amid her addiction to drugs. From heart attack during an overdose, brain impairment, and experiencing blind spots her vision.

Moreover, she also spoke about how tough it was to record the documentary. Demi Lovato said that she did a lot of inner work before filming the documentary.

“Everything I went through in that story telling the journey of making the documentary was difficult,” Demi said.

Demi shared that she had to work through a lot behind the scenes. She felt completely secure telling her story.

Demi’s reaction to her own documentaries

The 28-year-old icon revealed she had a physical reaction when she watched her own documentaries.

As she watched herself confess, she had an anxiety attack.

“I watched it when the first cut was ready. Since then, I’ve seen it three or four times, maybe. It was challenging — I had a physical reaction the first time that I watched it, like an anxiety attack,” she said.

Lovato’s new project

Good news for Lovato fans.

Demi is working on two new projects. She released a new album recently “Dancing With The Devil – The Act of Starting over.” Most likely, the album is based on her journey. It will be a motivating album and one close to her heart. She revealed that she is excited about the two new projects she is undertaking.

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