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Immigrants and Natives Crave for Municipal ID’s


The New York City’s municipal ID program has been launched for a year and a half and thousands of New Yorkers have been signing up for them.  The people that got the most ID’s were immigrants and natives.

More than half of the cardholders use their IDNYC card as their primary form of identification and the number of that is estimated to be 67 percent among immigrants, according to the New York Daily News.

A city survey was taken to see what forms of identification that New Yorkers have and which card they use as their first ID.  More than half of the immigrants have used their IDNYC cards, according to the survey.

The free ID cards can be used as a one-year membership to any cultural institutions around the city of New York.  Discounts are also given for tickets to the museum, a movie, a broadway show and so on.

A small percentage of the ID users have been taking advantage of the card with doctor’s offices, their child’s schools, and getting into a private building, according to the New York Daily News.

The new identification cards have rules, which includes having to use their legal names only and no other name can be put on their cards.  This rule has made some people be treated like criminals.  One example, was a transgender woman named Diana, who had a different name on her social security card.

The program also had some issues with the banks.  The major banks in the city don’t accept these ID cards, however, minor ones do take the cards.  “We’re going to push them very hard across the board, big and small banks, to accept this,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in the New York Daily News.

The new municipal ID cards have been beneficial for the immigrants and natives, so if someone desires a year of membership then sign up.

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