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Diner En Blanc Returns to NYC


Dinner parties go on every night in New York City. To go to a dinner party in New York City is like going to a Starbucks every morning for many New Yorkers. Dinner parties consist from casual to luxurious. Coming this September, is a different kind of dinner party, known as ‘Diner En Blanc’, as it returns to New York City for a sixth time.

With a 400,000 long wait list to be allowed in one of New York City’s most secretive dinner party, it is asked why such an urge to attend? Well, it is the world’s most secretive dinner party and offer’s 5,000 guests a memorable night. Last year’s party was at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26, and offered a stunning view to some thousand guests all dressed in white.

This year, the location will be sent out an hour before the event. Yes an hour before, so basically the location stays a secret until then. The date for this year’s Diner En Blanc is September 15th. As an all white soiree, details and the menu are still being prepared. Todd English, an American celebrity chef, will be catering to the thousands of guests expected.

Not your average dinner party, the event is quite unique as guests must bring their own silverware and plates, chairs, and even tables. They all must be white along with one’s outfit. Scoring an invite is like getting invited to the White House. You must be referred to by someone who has already attended the party, be a guest of someone attending the dinner, or you must have attending one of the parties beforehand. So pretty much impossible? Yeah, pretty much so.

If you are one of the lucky and blessed to score an invite though, there is not backing out. You must attend and wear all white. No that does not mean a dark white, or egg shell type of color, it means white. The event takes place rain or shine. Last year at Philadelphia’s Diner En Blanc, rain did not stop the dedicated who waited to score an invite to the party.

Diner En Blanc takes place all over the world, from cities in New York, to Paris, Sydney, and Vancouver, along with other cities as well.

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