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Barcelona F.C. To The Big Apple


Iniesta, Pique, Suarez, Neymar and Messi. All names a soccer lover knows, and for people who don’t follow soccer, even the last two names are all too familiar. Different nationalities with one thing in common, all players play for the world famous football club, Barcelona F.C.. With being one of the most successful and talented teams in La Liga, it is hard to carry out a conversation with a soccer fanatic without mentioning Barcelona. Now the club is coming to New York City, with a welcome from the Empire State building.

The Empire State building will light up to Barcelona’s colors this week on Wednesday, as the club is opening a new office on Park Avenue after their success in the Asian market. The club opened up an office in Hong Kong two years ago and saw positive results, leading them to come to the United States and try out the American market. The office is set to open on Tuesday. A statement from Barcelona stated “First vice-president Jordi Cardoner and former player Ronaldinho will take part in the traditional act of turning on the lights and the skyscraper will light up the New York sky with the club’s colours throughout the night.”

With the club spreading itself internationally, there will be events welcoming the Spanish based club to the city. President Josep Maria Bartomeu, and Brazilian player Ronaldinho, who became the club ambassador this September, will be present to mark the milestone for the football club.

Running the club’s American headquarters will be the vice president of marketing and communications, Manel Arroyo, who stated the many reasons the club decided to come to the states. Social aspects, development of youth, and their global status are all factors Arroyo listed as why Barcelona decided to expand itself to New York City.

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