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NYC Skyline Since 9/11


Since 9/11, there has been much change in the skyscrapers of New York City. With the architecture becoming higher and more modern than ever before, New York City is transforming itself into a gateway for the future. Although we look back at 9/11 with grief and sadness, we also see a city filled with hope, as our skyline is growing and has changed dramatically in 15 years.

The skyline before 9/11 was just as spectacular and just as modern. For a city that has always been ‘modern,’ it sure has kept it’s buildings up to date. With the twin towers being the most modern buildings of the century, it was hard to imagine a building or buildings more modern than that.

When tragedy struck New York City and the twin towers were hit, many believed that this would be the end to such great architecture and that Ground Zero should simply stay the way it was rather than build a new building. Contrary to the controversies that followed, a building was built and a beautiful park was built in remembrance to all those who lost their lives.

Hitting a recession in 2008 and going through a lot in the last 15 years, New York City has still transformed. One looks back at the skyline on the Jersey side 15 years ago while the Empire State building and the twin towers stuck out as the tallest and most iconic buildings. Now, one looks at the skyline and see’s a growing one, and also more buildings and more futuristic than ever before, setting the boundaries high for the future of architecture.

So far 35 skyscrapers are in the works, while 15 of them have already been built since 9/11. Soon, all 35 will be built. Although the most recognizable being the Freedom Tower in downtown, more buildings will be built throughout Manhattan.

Tall, thin, glass skyscrapers will soon be dominating New York City as most will be along the Hudson River in Midtown, becoming home to offices, and while older buildings will still give off the famous New York Greco style, they will be a reminder of what was once modern in New York City, to the now ever so modern Big Apple.

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