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A Challenge For Models


Fashion week is all the talk in New York City just about now. From September 8th to the 15th, top designers have invaded New York City with their up to the minute fashion collections for next year’s season. It has been one of the most high profiled events in New York City, with mainly only connections getting one in. The event takes place every year in the Big Apple and is continuously leaving all whom attend them speechless at the collections.

Every year hundreds of models prepare themselves for fashion week in order to look their best. Some have been criticized while others have been praised for their killer bodies. With their over the top healthy and active lifestyle it’s extremely hard to picture a model eating something that’s over the top and unhealthy. Now Carnegie Deli on 7th avenue has a challenge for models in fashion week.

While getting into the fashion week buzz and fun, the deli has invented a sandwich for the models, calling it the ‘fashion sandwich’. It is a foot tall and has pastrami, turkey and swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, along with pieces of rye bread in between, all put together on more rye bread. The sandwich itself costs $29.99, and it’s not just for models, one can enjoy this delicacy as well! It will be available until the end of September.

The deli though is putting up the challenge for the models though. It is trying to lure in professional models to come in and try the sandwich and eat it as a whole. If they accomplish that, the sandwich is one them.

So far no model has accepted the challenge of the challenge, even though top end models such as Tyra Banks, Kate Upton, and Kim Alexis have been rumored to have gone in the deli. Although the size of a face, and one skinny model is not something one pictures very often, it is definitely a new kind of challenge, after all it is one unique city that they are offering it in.

Featured Image Via Flickr / Via: John Wisniewski

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