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$39 a Night in New York City?


When looking for a hotel down in the Big Apple, one is sure to hit something close to $200 and very rarely less. Even the most low priced hotels in the city cost hundreds of dollars a night. Rarely does one find a bargain on hotels in one of the busiest cities in the world. Even with Airbnb taking some business away from hotels, it also is not cheap to find something in New York City. But you know you don’t have to stay in New York City, you could always just stay across from it in this one of a kind airbnb rental, a taxi. A taxi? Yes, a taxi.

For just $39 dollars a night, one can spend a whole night overlooking the Big Apple in a taxi. With a great view of the city, maybe even the best as one overlooks the city skyline in a parking lot in Long Island City in Queens, it does have it’s downsides. It has no bathroom, and carries a distinctive smell. It is a decommissioned cab, that has a bed in the backseat along with some snacks, water, a towel and some flip flops. Everything inside the 2002 Honda Odyssey mini van is yellow to go with the color of the cab, and to make it more of an experience rather than one just sleeping in an old taxi. Bathroom? Not available. Even though a list of cafe’s, bar’s, and public facilities are supplied to one in the event one needs to go to the bathroom.

So who is behind this distinctive rental? Jonathan Powley, a comedian from Pennsylvania, whom has a degree in hotel and restaurant management, and wants to create an affordable atmosphere for his clients. He stated that people from Shanghai have stayed in his cab, to even locals. He also said that people have spent their anniversaries there, just for the view and to get something affordable.

So far the taxi has had good business, as Fowley says the cab is mostly booked for nights that it is available. He fixes the cab up every time there is a reservation with snacks, water, new flips, and such. He has been doing this since 2014 and has even rented out eight other vehicles, not taxis and parked them all legally and made money off each one. He has complied with airbnb’s policies.

Although he knows that the whole car or cab experience is not for everyone, he still hopes to give one a much different experience and to enjoy the night, and even though it might not be the most pleasant and comfortable ‘hotel’ or New York experience,  he is definitely giving all his customers something to talk about.

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