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Clinton Has Pneumonia


As the campaigns are taking a critical turn with November right around the corner, Clinton is a name you will hear even on a solemn day. As the world mourns the tragic events on 9/11, all focus was on Clinton, and Trump, and although both set their differences aside for the occasion, it was Clinton who made headline news today.

Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia according to her doctors, whom suggested she cancel her trip to California tomorrow, in which she did. It all started at the 9/11 annual ceremony, in which she stumbled getting into her car, exiting the event. Without a word, yet, Trump’s campaign leaders have not said anything regarding Clinton’s health, being rather quiet, than making comments.

On Friday, Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, and was advised to take it easy on her heavy schedule and was put on antibiotics. At the memorial, Clinton started to feel overheated and dehydrated, prompting her to leave.

People are wondering as to why Clinton attended the event if her health was not good. Officials are declining to comment on why her health issue was not disclosed on Friday when she was diagnosed. After not feeling well and leaving, Clinton went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. She was later spotted leaving the apartment telling reporters that she was feeling ‘great’. She left around noon time.

Clinton’s California trip was canceled on Sunday night. She was expected to be there Monday and Tuesday. The trip was canceled so that Clinton could improve her health and take it more easy. This has not been the first health scare for Clinton, as Clinton coughed up a storm last week in Cleveland, up to the point she had to have water and cracked a joke about Trump, stating she was allergic to him.

Rumors have it that the Trump campaign have sent their well wishes to Clinton and that she feels better and gets the medical attention she needs.

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