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Verizon Sued By The Big Apple


Known for being one of the best networks for coverage, Verizon Wireless is finding itself in a bit of a complication with the Big Apple, as the city has decided to sue the company after failed promises to make Fios available to every residency.

An agreement was made nine years ago with the city and Verizon that its Fios service would be a citywide network. Presently Verizon has failed to provide that service, making the city take action against the company. In a New York State supreme court in Manhattan, a complaint stated that the services that were supposed to be available by Verizon were supposed to be ready by the end of 2014. Yet, it’s 2017 and tens of thousands of potential customers were not able to receive Fios and Verizon has denied requests from others.

It wasn’t always ugly, as the city has tried to comply with Verizon by pushing them to finish up their installations even though the project was way behind schedule, and trying to have Verizon keep up with its promise. On Monday enough was enough and legal action was taken, making the public aware as well.

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated his anger with Verizon saying that “No corporation, no matter how large or powerful, can break a promise to New Yorker’s and get away with it.” He also said New Yorker’s should not have to wait any longer. Verizon did not take kindly to the words and instead focused its attention on the upcoming blizzard, criticizing de Blasio, saying that he should worry more about the blizzard, rather than the lawsuit that is currently underway.

The lawsuit won’t go down without a fight. Verizon is planning to take all action to fight the allegations stated by the city and is blaming a lot of all these allegations due to the fact that some landlords won’t allow their installers to place cables across their properties.

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