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NYC Dodges A Blizzard


For much of the state, a blizzard warning has been issued until midnight Eastern time, but for New Yorker’s it was a dodged bullet. Dubbed to be a historic storm for the city, it turned out to be just another one for the books, as less snow came down than predicted.

A blizzard warning issued by the National Weather Service has been canceled in New York City on Tuesday morning, although a winter weather advisory is still in place until 8 P.M.. The numbers were very high all throughout the state, some towns and cities seeing up to 26 inches. New York City however only saw up to an average of seven inches. With Brooklyn getting 5.9, Queens getting 7.2, Staten Island with only four, and Central Park only getting about six inches. Much more modest numbers than the ones seen more upstate.

Although not as much snow landed as predicted, there is still precautions to take as conditions on the road are still very bad. With travel becoming a nightmare for thousands, as many flights were either delayed or canceled, it will be one chaotic day tomorrow as many will return to work, and travel will resume.

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated “This is the lesson we keep learning. The National Weather service does everything they know how to do. Mother Nature still does what it wants to do, so what we got was a storm where the numbers that were projected occurred to the north and west of us — not here, thank God so we were spared some of the worst of it.”

Precautions were already set in place as this would not have been the first late winter storm New York City has seen. In the past 107 year, there have only been three storms that have reached up to a foot high. The last one being in 1993 when a March storm sent in about ten inches of snow in the Big Apple.

For those who wished for more, you might just have to wait until next Winter.

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