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A Fearless Girl Statue


When walking by Wall Street one is intrigued at the bustling small narrow street. One goes to see the stock market, and all around it, but it has also been of common interest to go check out the bronze charging bull.

The bull which represents prosperity among the financial field, whom also looks as if he is about to charge is the symbol of Wall Street. Since women have begun to take a stand in recent marches, there has been much debate on how much recognition women of history have had or women in general at all. So when International Women’s Day came, a new statue was revealed to the public. The Fearless Girl. Showing defiance, bravery, and strength.

The bronze statue is the new symbol on Wall Street. State Street Global Advisors are the masterminds in installing the statue. They installed it a day before International Woman’s Day. Their goal was to “increase the number of woman in their client’s board” according to KTLA 5 News.

So far the statue has attracted thousands of visitors to go see the newest girl on Wall Street. Many of course, being women. But what struck out the most to many visitors was a number of little girls wanting to take ‘selfies’ or just a regular picture with the pony-tailed girl. Many giving hope to women around the world that they are the future, and that this statue stands for so much more than just a little girl facing a charging bull.

The woman who designed this statue? Kristen Visbal, an artist who was approached by McCann NY to design a statue depicting a young girl. She did not disappoint. Showing the contrast between strong, and prosperous, to delicate and hopeful.

Unfortunately, the Fearless Girl is not permanent. She is to be in front of the charging Bull for one week, although there are petitions to keep around, well permanently. Many do not want the image of ‘girl power’ to go away, so that many can be reminded that there are no limits and that woman as a whole can do anything as well.

Featured Image Via Flickr / Via: Sam Valadi

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