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NYC Welcomes Arc’teryx Outdoor Lifestyle with Open Arms


Attention to all outdoor lovers: this upcoming July, the streets of SOHO will be bringing another luxury brand into the lives of New York City consumers. Starting out as an outdoor lifestyle brand in Canada, Arc’teryx specializes in apparel meant for those who have a deep connection with the outdoors and seek adventure within cold northern mountains, and busy city streets. Having six other complexes in the United States, this company will now extend to 169 Spring Street of New York, NY.  The complex is said to reach 2,300-sq. ft, and will have a grand opening on the 23 of July this year.

Arc’teryx is well known for approaching business in a very hands-on manner, by providing 5-star customer service for both their in-store clients, as well as their digital clients. VP of Arc’teryx marketing, Adam Ketcheson, states that the Canadian company focuses on “making sure we offer an elevated retail experience that matches our product experience, regardless of our consumers’ location.”  Hoping to continue with this initiative, Arc’teryx wishes to expand their market even further throughout North America in this coming year, with locations in both Chicago as well as Toronto.

This New York chain does not plan on having a quiet entrance, either.  As a company that truly cares about its consumers, the store promises to reward the first fifty customers that enter the store on it’s opening day at 10 A.M. with an Arc’teryx gift pack.  Staff members will also be providing a truly welcoming experience to their customers by giving them hands-on craftsmanship, and special activities as a celebration.  This highly anticipated event should surely bring the people of New York rushing in, and will keep SOHO’s legacy alive and well.  Mountain climbing junkies, city dwellers and all people of the like can now feel safe knowing that this luxury brand has their backs.

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