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Best Culinary Discoveries at NYC’s Governer’s Ball


One of the most important things you can do in New York City in the summertime is to go to one of the many music festivals. These large, usually 3-day events offer all sorts of activities for both casual music lovers, and hardcore festival junkies alike. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend NY’s Governor’s Ball at Randall’s Island. Along with jamming out to some incredible artists such as Father John Misty, and The Strokes, I was able to partake in other simple, yet pricey delights. I’m of course talking about the food.

Endless food stands align the festival with options ranging from pizza to sushi, to dessert. The best part about these stands: They are all restaurants in the city! I wish I had the time (and the money) to try every place, but here are some of the favorites that I was lucky enough to get a taste of:

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese:

If you’re a mac and cheese enthusiast like me, then you will more than likely love Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. They serve Mac and Cheese in its finest form. Piping hot, melty, and absolutely decadent, this little bowl of heaven is perfect for your average lunch day in the city with friends. Located on 900 Broadway, this little shop also serves all sorts of yummy artisan cheeses. Check it out!

The Nugget Spot:

These nuggets are not just for kids. The nugget shop was most popular at this festival by nightfall, so I waited in the line for a good ten minutes. It was highly worth it, though, because these nuggets were delicious. I ordered the traditional “southern belle” nuggets, and they were the perfect balance of crunchy and juicy. Located on 230 E 14th. Street, the restaurant not only serves chicken nuggets, but also pork, fish, and even veggie nuggets! An excellent choice for a quick snack in the afternoon.

And last, but certainly not least: The Momofuku Milk Bar

Just typing this makes my mouth water, and it makes my stomach grumble for their famous “crack pie.” This place is well known for their funky, off-beat desserts, that somehow end up tasting better than any dessert I have ever ingested. With titles of desserts like “compost cookies,” and “cereal milk,” Momofuku succeeds in transcending all other establishments with traditional desserts. It is located on 382 Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. The best part is, you can even order online!

Those were my favorite dining establishments, and I hope that music festivals like Governor’s Ball continue to deliver some of the best food that NYC has to offer.


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