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Northeast Gets First Hint of Winter to Come


Areas of the Northeast experienced a hint of the winter to come on Monday when almost two feet of snow arrived earlier than expected. Northwest Connecticut and western Massachusetts got about one foot of snow. Around 18 inches or more was reported in Binghamton and Syracuse in New York. The storm, Argos, is the first of many expected this winter season.

Some schools in central New York and Massachusetts canceled classes or delayed their start until the snowfall slowed. A number of residents in Rochester reported down power lines and were without electricity. There were reports of car accidents and spin-outs in New Hampshire as a result of the heavy snow.

The snow continued moving through the Northeast and headed for Pennsylvania and upstate New York. By Tuesday, the worst of the storm had dissipated. Weather officials cautioned residents in the area to drive carefully. Danielle Banks, meteorologist for The Weather Channel said on Sunday:

“Please be very cautious, because we’re going to see a lot more wintry scenes playing out. We’ve got more coming on board for locales across the Northeast.”

The Northeast is not the only area that suffered from the early winter weather. Parts of Michigan received eight inches of snow with wind gusts up to 70 mph. In northern Minnesota, there were varied reports from 10 to 18 inches of snow over the weekend. Some 20,000 homes and businesses lost power Friday night because of the severe weather.

There are two new weather systems that will bring more snow to the Rockies, Midwest and Northeast throughout this week. While these weather systems will not be as powerful as Winter Storm Argos, they will likely impact holiday travel. Winter storm warnings and advisories have been posted in portions of the central Rockies through Tuesday. There are additional advisories posted in parts of the eastern Dakotas, Minnesota and in northern Wisconsin through Wednesday.


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