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Queens Street Corner Honors Late Phife Dawg


A street named after the late Malik ‘Phife Dawg’ Taylor of A Tribe Called Quest was unveiled in Queens on Saturday. The sign is located on the corner of Linden Boulevard and 192nd Street, which reads “Malik ‘Phife Dawg’ Taylor Way.” A ceremony was held to celebrate the unveiling of the new street name.

In addition to family members and bandmates Q-tip and Jarobi, hundreds of fans also attended the unveiling ceremony. The new street sign is across the street from a mural that honors A Tribe Called Quest. The mural is on the Nu-Clear dry cleaner’s building, which is where the group shot one of their music videos. Prior to the unveiling, bandmate Jarobi White spoke to the crowd:

“I see some of my dudes who I’ve actually logged mad hours with on this corner, in front of this store. It’s a dope thing. Like people get murals and tributes to them all over the place, but to have a mural on the very block, the very street that we walked every day? Wrote rhymes up and down this block, battle people, have people come from other neighborhoods to battle me and Phife—you know, all kinds of stuff.”

The group released their final album with Phife Dawg on Nov. 11 titled “We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.” The album contains verses featuring Phife Dawg, which were recorded before he died in March from complications with diabetes. The group has continued to honor Phife Dawg since his passing. In a music video for the recent album, a mural of Phife Dawg appears to come to life and sing his part of the song. During the group’s performance on Saturday Night Live, a banner of Phife Dawg was displayed while a recording of his verse played. Phife Dawg’s birthday was Sunday, Nov. 20, he would have been 46.


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