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No Sunscreen? No Problem!


Temperatures have risen all around the place this summer and people are out swimming in pools and playing in parks and they often forget to bring sunscreen with them.  The problem of impending sunburns is coming to an end with the new sunblock dispensers around New York and the rest of the country.

NYC Comptroller, Scott Stringer, had proposed an initiative to the city’s department of Health that sunblock dispensers should be provided to the recreational facilities in the United States, according to AM New York.

Tourists during the summer usually take daily trips to the beach, pool, and playground and most come home with sunburn. Various people develop skin cancer due to long exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and numerous of them develop diseases and sickness from that exposure.

Anyone can purchase a sunscreen dispenser from online shopping websites like Amazon for approximately $30.  However, with this new sunblock move, buying sunscreen will be an afterthought.

Other companies have taken this proposal in order to help improve their community. One example is the non-profit organization, Make Big Change. This institution has one goal: to raise awareness and to help prevent skin cancer.

The employees of this dedicated firm have also taken the sunscreen initiative to heal the country. They made a partnership with Bright Guard and together they’ve set out sunscreen dispensers in many public venues around their area.

Their dispensers have key features that support their idea like an infrared sensor and a high capacity. A person can have their sunblock with the sensor and with the capacity of approximately 1000ml, people can apply themselves for a decent amount of time.

Both of these businesses have devoted themselves to help others fight off the sun’s rays and protect people from skin cancer.

With the new dispensers in public venues and other businesses, the risk of sunburn and skin cancer can be reduced and New Yorkers can no longer worry about leaving their sunscreen at their homes.

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