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No Smoking Please


Thousands of New Yorker’s find comfort in smoking a cigarette whether it be on their breaks, for leisure or simply just need of one. Soon, however, it may not be easy to smoke wherever in the Big Apple, as city councils are looking at the idea of cracking down on smoking.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced earlier this month his push to cut down on smoking and vaping. He is also looking at the prospect of new taxes and license requirements. de Blasio’s plan is simple yet not hard to come by, even though it would leave some New Yorker’s livid, but the city councils plan goes to more drastic measures.

A proposed bill suggests that smoking should be banned from common areas in all apartment buildings. Many suggested that the bill would be unfair to “low-income” New Yorker’s living in subsidized housing. Another objection was that another bill would force landlords to reveal smoking policies in order to comply with the new law.

Lastly, a third bill looked at the idea of banning smoking and vaping in a car with children or a child under the age of eight. Health commissioner Mary Bassett argued that she did not see how that would be implied or if an age limit had really anything to do with enforcing health benefits.

Hookah products would also fall into these new proposed bills. Bassett pointed out the number of hookah products being sold all over. A number which grew from 72 businesses selling hookah products in 2012 to 300, presently. The selling of hookah products could see a change in the age as well, as of now it is legal for anyone 18 and over to buy the products, but could soon see the age rise to 21. Hookah has been a popular smoking activity among teens. 16%  of high school teens are doing hookah, which has led to the bill to cut back on the selling of these products as well, for the benefit of health.

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