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A New Bus Terminal


As one of the main forms of transportation in New York City, the cities bus terminal and system is becoming, well aged. With efforts being made to renovate the bus terminal, a schedule has been laid out to make this possible.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey laid out a  new timeline on Thursday making way for a new kind of proposal for a new bus terminal. So far, however, a selection of someone to run an environmental review on the proposed terminal won’t be expected until later this year. With that said, construction won’t be for a while since a review would take two years.

The current bus terminal serves around 230,000 passengers a day, and the number is expected to grow in 2040 by 337,000. Most of the passengers are commuters.

The delays have been due to political and territorial debates. There have also been some controversial issues as to where the new facilities would go and how to replace the run down terminal. As of now, the new schedule is a fresh new page in a long, conflicting, and complicated route. Currently, there is no schedule, budget, site, and design.

Until the review is complete nothing can be really be planned. As of now, a location is the main goal set in the new schedule. The Port Authority has given $3.5 billion to help out with the project, but the final cost is expected to be much higher, once again a price tag won’t come until the reviews are finalized.

Some talks have said to include more floors, on top of the old building in order to make more room for passengers and make traveling on the buses more of a leisure than a nightmare for some. The original idea to replace the terminal have been scratches as it was not very popular and came at a costly price.

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