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A New Bridge in NYC


Some of the most iconic bridges are in New York City. Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington bridge, Manhattan Bridge, just to name a few. All with an architect that screams, New York City. A modern bridge is something that isn’t so common in the city that never sleeps, until now that is. The Kosciuszko bridge is New York City’s first cable bridge, opening up a new wave to the modernism that is coming into the city.

Last night at 11:30 P.M. the first set of cars were allowed to cross the newly renovated Kosciuszko bridge. The bridge connects Brooklyn to Queens. In honor of the opening of the bridge, Governor Andrew Cuomo held a grand opening ceremony with speeches, a marching band, a parade and elected officials from Brooklyn and Queens.

The bridge, although open, is not done yet, as it plans to expand even more by 2020. As of now the bridge has three lanes on each side and is on the east side of the old Kosciuszko bridge that will be demolished in July. The bridge cost up to  $555 million to make, and its expansion will cost around $200 million.

The bridge comes as the first cable-stayed bridge in New York City, setting off a new way of bridge design. With most of New York’s bridges with their classic looks, there is no denying that some are becoming older and harder to preserve. The new Kosciuszko bridge comes at a perfect time in the cities construction, as new buildings are going up looking more modern and taller than ever before.

The new bridge also comes before the new and improved airports of JFK and Laguardia open, as well coming right after the opening of the second avenue subway which opened in January. The bridge celebrated its opening with a LED light show synced to music playing on the iHeartRadio music stations.

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