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Mickey Won’t Be Bothering You In Times Square


The thing that has brought some trouble to Times Square is now being enclosed into a smaller space. What in Times Square could possibly be a disturbance, as mostly everything in Times Square is eye catching to tourists and visitors? If you guessed the silly-dressed characters that roam the most popular square in the world, then you guessed correctly.

For a few years now, thousands of New Yorkers have had the distraction of encountering the dressed up movie characters. Such as Mickey, Minnie, Captain America, Spiderman, and the list goes on and on. What has been a reel of attraction to tourists, quickly turns into a call for cash as a picture with one of them is usually followed by a tip. For New Yorkers it’s just another reason to avoid the touristy Times Square.

Now, due to bad behavior from some of the so called ‘characters’, they are confined into one section of Times Square rather than roaming the whole area. For New Yorkers it’s one way to avoid the disturbing looking Mickey, but for the people actually under those costumes, it means less tips. One of the masked men, who usually portrayed Spiderman, says his tips went from $200 daily to $80 daily, and that there is no more ‘enjoyment’ in working one of the most iconic landmarks in the world.

Due to the lack of tips and business they are making, they are in high hopes that more birthday party bookings will come through, and although they are not allowed to roam the whole area, they are still making the best of the corralled space they are given.

It has not been just bad behavior that got the characters in a predicament, but complaints of aggressive demands in tips had also caused a problem. The new rule was established on the first day of summer this year. Teal colored paint on the pavement marks where they are allowed to be, which is right on 42nd street entering Times Square, where Broadway and Seventh Avenue cross as well. The Department of Transportation created the zones in keeping with a more pleasant experience in Times Square to tourists and visitors.

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