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Miami Artist Spreads World Peace Murals Across NYC


Renda Writer can usually be found at local art exhibits with a smile on his face and paint stains on his hands. His art can be found splashed on paper, canvas, murals and even nude models. He is currently working on the World Peace Mural Tour, which is his biggest project yet. Through the use of colorful spray paint and the words ‘world peace’, he hopes to make an impact that will be felt, quite literally, around the world.

A Long Island native, Writer moved to South Florida at the age of 10. After graduating from the University of Florida, he returned to New York and lived in Astoria, Queens for about four years. Most of his time in New York was centered around poetry. He was featured in talent showcases, open mic nights and poetry slams throughout the city. By 2006, Writer returned to South Florida and his art started to evolve.

“Miami is where my art career started, where my poetry became visual,” he said, “and for that, I am very grateful.  That’s the draw, the inspiration. Wynwood, Miami, Miami Beach. It all draws me.”

The World Peace Mural Tour started in April with the goal of creating five handwritten murals in five major U.S. cities. There are now more than 20 murals in eight states and one in Mexico. Many of the murals can be found throughout South Florida as well as North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Writer said:

“I think somewhere deep inside, I was craving to do something bigger than I had ever done, something with a bigger impact and then that craving just materialized into an idea, and that idea was to create World Peace murals everywhere.”

The murals started popping up on buildings across the country in different ways. Kitty Hernandez, owner of Brooklyn Colony Restaurant and Bar, saw Renda’s artwork on a lamppost in Brooklyn. The piece read ‘I am on the universe’s payroll.’ After looking him up and learning about the World Peace Mural Tour, she invited him to create an original mural on her building’s entrance.

“He agreed and came, I was honored. My heart met his heart in the message of world peace,” she said. “I am waiting for him to come back to Brooklyn. A hug is in order.”

In other cases, Writer has reached out to city art districts to share the project’s message and offer a mural in exchange for space to display it. Laura Atria, public art program manager in Pompano Beach, heard from him during the summer. She was already familiar with his work and agreed to have him install a mural in the Bailey Contemporary Arts alleyway.

“I love the message he is putting out with the World Peace Mural tour,” Atria said, “We were honored to be one of his first murals on the tour.”

The project has grown exponentially in the last six months. Publicist and Gallery Director Caitlin Slayback has been working with Writer for the past year and had the opportunity to watch the project take shape. Slayback said:

“I’m really proud of what he’s done and very happy that the World Peace Mural Tour has taken on such great energy. I’m grateful Renda has always been willing to work with me. I’m grateful that he is open to growth and collaboration, which is what I think people should emulate when working in the creative fields.”

There are additional murals in New York located at First Street Green Art Park and Bushwick Community Darkroom. The next mural will be installed in Coney Island on Nov. 10 at Magic Man Customs, which is located at 1902 Neptune Ave. Writer is currently working on a collaboration with a street artist in New York, SacSix. Other pieces of his art will be on display at Miami’s Art Basel in December. He is now in the process of planning to bring the World Peace Mural Tour to Europe in 2017.

“I’ve come to realize that I am literally living out my life’s purpose,” Writer said, “This is my life’s purpose.  It feels good to say that.  I can’t wait to do my next mural.”

Featured Image via Twitter/Rendawriter

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