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Kris Jenner on Her Daughters Trying to Fire Her

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner revealed recently that Kourtney Kardashian, her eldest daughter, attempted to fire her multiple times a day. Seems like Kourtney does not like the ‘momager’ idea.

Moreover, Kris Jenner told Kristina O’Neill that Kim Kardashian also tried firing her since the first day of Keeping Up With The Kardashian.

“Has anyone tried to quit you since?” O’Neill asked.

“No. I mean, Kourtney probably three or four times, and that is just in a day. A day,” Kris Jenner responded.

Kim Kardashian’s take on the ‘momager’ concept

In the first Keeping Up With The Kardashians season, Kim Kardashian wanted someone “with an entire staff of people”. Kim told Khloe Kardashian to pass the message on to the Jenners. The Jenners did not take it well.

However, they maintained the whole ‘momager’ plan despite the differences in thoughts and opinions.

Jenner told O’Neill “I just always saw myself as somebody that she wanted in her life and needed in her life – as her mom and as her manager.”

Furthermore, Kris Jenner mentioned it is probably “the healthiest” if she does not think about Kim Kardashian going through with firing her.

Kris said: “It was just a really exciting time for me to be a part of that whole new beginning for us. So I would have been devastated.”

For the past fourteen years, Kris Jenner acted as her children’s ‘momager’. Kris made the term ‘momager’ famous amongst parents who also act as their kid’s career managers. As far as we know, Kris Jenner worked hard to make her children’s careers raise. At least, she made Kim Kardashian become a billionaire officially.

According to Kris, she has never come across anyone busier than her favourite daughter, Kim Kardashian.

“I look at her schedule several times a day. I get a fresh one every night and a fresh one in the morning,” Kris said.

“And every single time she has got two or three hours blocked out in the afternoon, before her kids finish school for her studying for law school.”

“I went on a long walk with Kylie a couple of days ago. And I think by the time we were done we came up with three new business ideas,” Kris shared.

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