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8 Dance Schools in NY for 2022

Dance schools

Dance schools are quite an interesting place to spend your time learning something you love. While dance schools may vary from place to place, these places are renowned for their excellence in the field of dance. If you plan to be in New York for the next four years, consider spending some time at one of these places.

This article looks into the 8 best dance schools for 2022. Moreover, you can visit the websites of these institutions for more information about tuition, programs, and classes offered.

8 NY Dance Schools for 2022

1. Fred Astaire Dance Studios – NY Downtown

Fred Astaire Dancing School | Image Source – Instagram

This is an experienced dance school that has been in business for 70 years. The school specializes in social ballroom and competitive dances among other things. It offers lessons to singles, couples, groups, and parties with a focus on one-on-one dance instruction. This personalized approach allows the institution to create tailoring programs to its students’ requirements.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios are renowned for their excellence when it comes to teaching dances.

2. Metuchen Dance Center

Dance Schools
Metuchen Dance Center | Image Source – Metuchen Dance Center

This amazing dance school in New Jersey is gaining recognition thanks to the variety of dances it teaches. This school specializes in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, and much more. The staff is made of choreographers, dance instructors, and fitness trainers.

Metuchen Dance Center’s goal is to provide students with the opportunity to have fun while learning how to dance. This beloved institution offers classes in various styles including Latin, ballroom, and hip-hop among others. If you are looking for a place that will help you develop skills in dancing, this is it.

3. Go Hard Dance

Dance Schools
Go Hard Dance | Image Source – Yelp Images

The women-owned and operated dance school is nothing short of amazing. It offers a variety of dance styles for all who wish to be part of it including hip-hop, modern, ballet, and much more. With its focus on teaching people how to dance from scratch, this institution has made quite a name for itself in New York.

Go Hard Dance believes that anyone can be an amazing dancer with the right moves.

4. Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy

Dance Schools
Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy | Image Source – Youtube

Since 2000, this is one of the dance schools that has taught people how to dance salsa among other things. The school offers lessons that are fun, energetic, and creative- just what you need for a good time learning how to dance. This institution also has an award-winning program that is widely recognized for its excellence in teaching dances.

Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy’s goal is to help students learn how to dance using a technique that is fun and easy.

5. Nunnbetter Dance Theatre

Dance Schools
Nunnbetter Dance Theatre | Image Source – Nunnbetter Dance Theatre

With a vast selection of dance classes, this is one of the dance schools that has quite a reputation when it comes to teaching dances. Moreover, you can learn how to dance in adult and children’s classes. The center also specializes in parties and wedding dances thanks to its professional instructors that give 100% every day.

Nunnbetter Dance Theatre is all about inspiring students through various kinds of dance.

6. Ballet Academy East

Ballet Academy East | Image Source – NY Metro Parents

Don’t let your current financial state prevent you from learning how to dance. This is one of the committed dance schools/institutions that make it easy for you by offering affordable classes that will develop your dancing skills. Ballet Academy East offers lessons in jazz, ballet, and much more for adults and children alike.

Ballet Academy East believes that everyone has the right to learn how to dance regardless of age.

7. Liberated Movement

Liberated Movement | Image Source – Liberated Movement Images

This is an amazing opportunity for those who wish to learn how to dance at a low cost in one of the top dance schools. The school offers a variety of dance classes that are taught by professional, experienced instructors. This is what keeps Liberated Movement from being just another ballroom dance studio in New York.

Liberated Movement believes that everyone should have the chance to Learn How To Dance regardless of age, size, or financial status.

8. PMT Dance Studio

PMT Dance Studio | Image Source – Youtube

With an experienced staff, this is one of the best dance schools in New York. PMT Dance Studio is committed to providing students with the chance to learn how to dance in a fun and friendly environment. The staff guarantees results with their wide variety of dance classes which focus on different styles including hip-hop, jazz, Latin, and many more.

PMT Dance Studio believes that it is never too late or too early to start dancing.

To sum up, the dance schools listed above are some of the best places to learn how to dance in New York. This is thanks to their commitment to excellence and affordability. There are also other dance schools that you can choose from. With this article, you will have an easier time finding the right one for your needs.

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